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Texas A&M American Chemical Society 


ACS serves the undergraduate scientific community at Texas A&M providing resources to students interested in chemistry. We are committed to providing a space for those interested in science to learn from industry/academic experts how an interest in chemistry may be used to build a meaningful career in teaching, R&D and healthcare related fields. We aid students in finding chemistry related internships and REU opportunities, engage in science outreach projects in the BCS area and interact with the national ACS chapter at regional and national meetings. Pictures to come.

Yunuen Avila-Martinez


Chemistry ‘20

Rebecca Rosamond


Chemistry ‘20

Zach Mandella

Communications Chair

Chemistry ‘21

Vanessa Gonzalez


Chemistry ‘21

Nate Hoskinson


Chemistry ‘21

Hayley Drozdick

Green Chemistry and Community Chair

Chemistry ‘20

A.J. McCormick

Social Chair and Historian

Chemistry ‘21

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